Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Defensive Walls 11 and more on Moulds for Sale

Moulds On Sale
I modified the defensive wall masters to remove the mounting plates so people won't have to spend hours removing them from the casts (as I had to do...). I did the new mould...

Modified masters on the left, casts from them on the right.

However after using the new mould and comparing it to my original moulds I think I will actually be selling the separate moulds as shown below. They just seem easier to handle and use. It also means if people only want to use the walls without the plinths then I can sort them out with what they want easier.

So the prices as previously shown will be...
Mould Set 1 – two moulds covering the straight wall, corner wall, straight plinth and corner plinth. £22 + postage

Mould Set 2 – Two of Set 1. £40 + postage

Mould Set 3 – As Set 1 + mounting plate mould & 4 pieces of rebar (each just shy of 100mm long). £25 + postage.

Mould Set 4 – Two of Set 3. £45 + postage.
If people are after some drop me an email... rictusrd-blog at yahoo dot co dot uk
The weight of the box for Set 1 will be in the region of 450-550g. As such keep this in mind when deciding what you want. As before I do reccommend you get more than one set as with the amount of casting you will need to do having more than one mould of each piece will make life a lot more easier.
I have ordered a second print of the straight and corner wall pieces which should be here in a couple of weeks. This will allow me to do more moulds quicker and also larger moulds for those who may want a mould for say two straight wall pieces and one corner wall piece.
I have had a couple of people asking about the Gun Emplacement curved walls (see below) and I will be offering the mould for these for sale as well. However I have just placed an order to get some prints for the base parts which I hope will turn out well so I am going to hold off making it 'official' till I got hold of these.
But for those who are only interested in buying the emplacement wall mould rather than a complete gun emplacement set please drop me an email and i'll let you know a price.
Defensive Walls.
Sunday I was able to get all the wall pieces so far cast and along with a few bastions I did a set up...

I think now I have enough cast, I will continue to do the odd few as I do test casts for any moulds I sell but otherwise I will stop the bulk casting I have been doing (bit of a relief, I need a break from casting).
I did get some pics regarding the Planetstrike guns as well:
As you can see only with the box base can the guns fire over the walls with the plinths, however the other base isn't far off. I think I will be doing a new base from scratch, similar to the small base (as shown on the left) but tall enough to be used behind the taller wall set up.
Along with building some sub assemblies I'll be casting some mounting plates and adding them to the walls - I need a shed load of these so i'm not really looking forward to it.


  1. set out like that, they look awesome.

    It's not until that final shot that I realised how silly the quad gun looks. The icarus las cannon isn't too bad either way, but the quad looks ridiculous, especially on that base.

    Look forward to seeing what solution you come up with.

  2. I know you may have covered this earlier, but do your moulds work well with plaster, or just resin?

    1. I have only been casting the pieces in plaster. All the walls, plinths etc in the pictures are plaster casts, not resin.

      So a definate yes!


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