Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Looted Wagons 20

The Boomgun on the second Wagon is proving an annoyance, I do so hate the GW metal hybrid parts.

I have had to add a small spacer and some GS to modify it so the gun pointed forward rather than to the left.

So while I left the GS to cure (will not work on it again till tomorrow now) I got on with a few other things.

On the first Looted Wagon I added GS welds to the rear towing point and some plating underneath the tank. I also got round to adding the tracks - a mix of the original tracks pulled off it and new ones from my bits box added.

The second Wagon got some weld lines on the turret plus some dags.

It also got its tracks, again a mixture of old and new ones, though more new ones than the first wagon.

I admit that wasn't the most thrilling of updates - especially as I forgot to take a pic of the demolisher cannon / boomgun WIP.

Very little left to do on these two wagons now. Once the boomgun is in place and detailed up it'll just be a few little bits and pieces. Then it will be onto the third wagon (which is so obvious it didn't really need to be said to be honest).

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