Sunday, 1 April 2012

Forge World Open Day 2012


Good day was had by all.

Info and Pics...

Mk. IV Assault Marines:

Tartaros Termies CC Weapons:

EDIT: Forgot to mention they mentioned that the background for Terminator armour allows for the possibility of more marks being done, however these will not be in the near future.

New Navy Flyer, the Avenger:

Pretty, pretty gun.

The 'April Fools Joke' Marine Flyer: 

Another Blast From The Past, The Land Raider Spartan:

Quad Las. How could you not?

WIP of the upcoming Modular Cityfight boards,
the plan is people can add CoD buildings to them, long term they hope to do more 2x2 hollow resin panels which can be slotted into RoB panels:

Warhammer Fantasy:

All the following are in the new Monstrous Arcanum book.

Chaos Dwarf Firey Buggers

Sure that is the guy who walked out of Never Mind The Buzzcocks a while back.

The best thing at the show...

Collossal Squig:

I need one, I will call him Squigbert.

Some things I can remember from the Q&A session?:

IA 12 - Necrons v Minotaurs. Including something 'big' for the Necrons, they hope anyway.
The idea is the book will show snapshots of a much larger battle and also show how the Imperium fights or directs its forces over a huge area.
The original story of an uprising on a penal colony has been shelved to be looked at again in the future.

No plans for a Horus Heresy book/series at the moment. It sounded that while it almost certainly will be covered at some point it would be a huge undertaking and is unlikely to appear on the radar for some time.

More hollow terrain is planned - the Cities of Death panels being the first. More Zone Mortalis panels will also be done...

EDIT: Zone Mortalis, Alan Bligh came up with many rules/concepts etc which will be the basis for expanding the ZM rules for other races. However these will be done as and when those races are covered in a IA book. If ZM goes well it may get its own slimline book as well. More panels are a strong likelihood.
No new Titan this year, possibly next. Plan will be to do one every 2 or 3 years.

The next Warhammer Forge book will be Battle for Black Fire Pass (I think, memory fades). Orcs, Gobbos, Dwarfs and Empire.

Much more came up but it escapes me at the moment. I may recall more later on, but don't count on it.

I will do a second post later showing some more pictures from the day, but they won't be of new/upcoming things.


  1. Ooh, pretty pictures. Jealous of you getting to go, you lucky bugger. My wife will want one of those Squigberts, I'm afraid!

  2. I wish my wife wanted ANYTHING off that list... ;)

    Awesome coverage, thank you!

  3. When are they releasing Bran Redmaw, did anyone ask?

    1. Somebody did as in the Q&A session in fact. Unfortunately there was no date given. Tony Cottrell said they had started on him (he was shown as a WIP at GD in fact) but he was pushed back due to other work. It was summed up I think of 'we'll do him, but not sure when'.

  4. I saw on another blog that FW intends the Spartan to be sporting Rapier Laser Destroyer sponsons, not standard lascannons. (as to whether this is true, who can say)

    Either way, the thing would be devastating, and probably priced to high for anything but Apocalypse lists...

    1. To be honest with the size of it it really should be a heavy tank like the Malcador or Macharius with two structure points so it'll be Apoc only anyway.


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