Monday, 30 April 2012

Scatter Terrain - 5 - Generator

Continuing the search for more pieces to get printed I decided to do a 'Generator'. Ideal for Zone Mortalis as well as being useful for regular games.

The idea came about as I was looking through some old pictures of terrain I did back in early 2006. I made some small city fight ruins as test pieces for larger ruins. The idea was for these small buildings to be part of a set linked together with pipe work. In one building I used some pieces from old inhalers to form a 'generator' unit.

One day I will have the time and space for doing Cityfight terrain... day...

As you can see they were pretty rough and basic. Frankly they look even worse than I remember.

But as an idea I still liked it. I wanted to do the same, but better. Individial units that can be lined up or used individually. I was also happy with the size of them, small enough to go in ZM rooms but not so small that units of them will be lost on a regular gaming board.

So today I started work on the 3D model...

Lined up as a group:

To give an idea of their size here are some Barry shots. For Barry I did a quick model, the base is the size of a GW model base while the horizontal line is 28mm up from the base, so in theory approximately in line with a GW models eyeline.

I also did very quick and basic ZM layout to show them set up in a large room (in hindsight probably larger than we would have in ZM). You can see they will be big enough to block movement and give cover but they won't be so big to be a problem in rooms.

In principle I am happy with the design. But I do want to improve the side detail as it isn't quite right yet. I am considering doing a seperate end piece which would incorporate a control panel. Each unit (whether it be a single unit or a row of them) can have one added to it.

Detail oon the side i'm not quite happy with.
So providing the cost isn't too high and I am happy with the side detail once I have re-done it this is one more thing which will be on the shopping list to get printed. I am still on the look out for more items to get done.

But before I start any new 3D models I will finish both this one and the bunker/bastion door.


  1. Not sure what package you are using, but I would be tempted to throw them into Zbrush for some detail and texture before I sent them for print, of course you need to know the particle size (resolution effectively) of the printer...

    1. I'm not sure what I would use Zbrush for to be honest.

  2. I think that they're a good start, but I also think they're a bit too elegant and thin for Imperial tech.

    This is more what I figure an Imperial gen would look like, but go with it enclosed like you have. Easiest solution - loop cut it down the middle, move each half about a CM, and bridge between the two.

    1. That's not what I am looking to do to be honest. These would be some sort of plasma generator or some other hitech generator, such as used on Titans, Imperial ships and so on. These aren't meant to be run of the mill generators.

      While some things in the Imperium may be backward looking the fact is much of the tech is highly advanced. Even if they don't understand it or know how to replicate it easily.