Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bunker Doors 2 & Scatter Terrain 6

Well today I did a bit more work on the 3D models for the generator and one of the bunker/bastion door options.

Bunker/Bastion Door.

I took Option E and started to refine the idea. Some things have changed you wouldn't notice, such as the angle of the front face, the thickness of the whole thing etc.

The step at the front has had some work, I'll be adding some treadplate to the top face of the step.

The recess for the keypad has changed position and shape. The final piece will have a plate added over the front of the recess, for ease of casting it will be added to each cast piece though.

I also modified the door slightly, the banding has changed in more ways that you will notice in the pics. I still have to redo the skull area. I am thinking I will ditch the whole sensor unit idea and go for something more practical, vision slit/eye hole or similar.

Still quite a lot to do yet before I decide if I go with this option or the Option A as seen in the first post.

Scatter Terrain - Generator

First thing I tackled today was the detail area on the side. Really didn't like the first version so I scrapped everything there and started from scratch.

I am happier with this version, though things may change further. It was definitely worth getting the AdMech cog in there.

The re-worked side detail area.
I also changed the cutout shape and size. It isn't a huge change but I do prefer the new shape. The cutouts are wider but not as tall. Where before the cutouts appeared parallel (though they weren't) they now look more wedge shaped, while the material between them looks parallel (though again they actually aren't).

A comparison of the two versions show the difference in the cut outs more clearly:

And finally the obligatory group shots:

This too still needs work but the main thing to do for the generator now is a control unit which can be added to the end.

That will be the next job, as once that is done I may go back to modify the generator so that the two pieces look good when brought together.


  1. Sweeeeeeet. Really dig the doors, and the reworked generators are looking ace - keep up the great work!

  2. I really like the new detail sections on the gens, and the new door tweaks look pretty sharp too.

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    Check out the latest post as both have developed further - especially the generator set up which I think has moved on quite a bit.