Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bunker Doors 3 & Scatter Terrain 7

Right, first off apologies for the lack of any actual models on RD recently. My airbrush has packed up which has put me off doing any more on the Grot Tanks as until the new one (on order) arrives there isn't much I can do as I need it for the weathering.

I am away for this weekend but next week the airbrush should be here and some updates involving physical models should once appear.

Until then here is another update on the bastion/bunker door and the generator.

Bunker/Bastion Door.

Not a huge amount of progress on this one.

I had to change the step a few times (like a mil here, half a mil there etc) so that I could get the treadplate pattern on the top of it to work. I had to change the treadplate arrangement slightly from my usual to get it to fit. However it shouldn't be noticeable.

I am uncertain on the plates either side of the door. I need to do a keypad so I can better design that whole area. For now think of these plates as place holders for something better.

The skull sensor thing went for a more practical vision hole thing, again tweaks need to be made.

Scatter Terrain - Generator

On the generator I have changed a few things.

First off the detail area got re-worked (again), I much prefer this version.

After that I returned to the cutouts and added 'ribbing', for that plasma generator look...

I started looking at the control panel to bolt onto the end.

This is Mk. I - a two sided design. But I really wasn't happy with it.

In position:

With Stickman Barry for an idea of scale.

So today I moved onto Mk. II of the control panel. I think it is getting there.

And as before some in position shots:

Still alot to do and many refinements.

But, the next update will definately be involving an actual model...

...almost certainly.


  1. Gens: I like both Mk I and Mk II, unless you hate the MK I, I'd print both out so you have a variety at hand. The Mk I is more suited to a weather exposed deployment, whereas the Mk II is definitely an indoor type design.

    While the door looks good, I'd almost consider running those two plates all around the door, as a full on reinforcement, and allowing you to hide your keypads in behind it, that kinda thing. Not sure I'm on board with the rounded vision slit, but that's entirely your call.

    1. I will only be printing one. I'm not sure what you mean by being better suited to a weather exposed deployment than the other one.

      I thought of a border around the door originally but it can't be done. It would mean having a separate part printed and cast which would be far too fiddly and if it wasn't a perfect match would look horrible, hence having the two plates.

      However until i do a mock up of the keypad I don't know what the recess will be, it might be possible that the recess is small enough I can do the border as part of the main piece.

    2. Hrm, well, if you do the keypad so that it's perpendicular to the door itself, you could mould it as one piece with the full around plate like I mentioned. You'd have a tiny bit of undercut for the keys, but nothing too major, and since you're using rubber molds it's acceptable. If you look at the number of GW figures or Dystopian War models with slight undercuts, it should give you some confidence.

      Ultimately, however, it is your cookie and you should have it however you like it best.

      To clarify my earlier point that you were unsure of - the Generator Control Mk I looks like a solid enclosure, whereas the Mk II looks to have buttons up on top and generally be more likely for water/snow/acid to get in and screw things up.

    3. As mentioned (somewhere) the keypad wlll be a separate piece.

      The Mk I is not a finished design, it would also have buttons, controls etc on top of it. Afterall a control unit isn't much good without some controls.

  2. I like the Mk. II generator end better overall, but I really like the arched top on the Mk. I.
    I agree with Faolan in that those panels should probably go all the way around if you put them there. I think they look odd just at the bend.
    The vision slit I don't really like. Perhaps just a rectangular one.

    1. Yeah the arched end on the Mk. I is the only thing I like about it. Maybe with a bit of work I can modify Mk. II further to try and get it in.

  3. Mark II is looking good. The detailing really sets it into the 40K universe. Watching your ZM posts with interest. Where do you have your 3D printing done?

    1. Cheers. The printing was done by Shapeways.


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