Thursday, 10 May 2012

Grot Tanks 4

Not done a lot to be honest but I thought as I am away for a couple of nights I best do an update now.


Command Tank Horn

Not sure what to do on his little flag.

Command Grot. Lot to do yet.

Still a bit to do on the tanks before I do the weathering.


  1. Hah! Nice - love the semaphore grot. Maybe yellow/red halves on the diagonal do drive it home, or maybe just a clan symbol?

    Great stuff man, looking forward to seeing it all come together!

    1. Cheers, not sure on the flag. Prob more likely to go for a glyph of some kind rather than halfing it etc. Though that would bring in more colours. Will have a think about it while I am away.

  2. Looking good Matt, I like the red nose on the grot, it's an old school touch, that, or he just had his nose slammed in the hatch.

    Look forward to seeing them all in their tankettes.


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