Saturday, 19 May 2012

Carcharodons 2

Just a quick post tonight.

Barely worth an update in all honesty but I told someone I would put a picture up so here it is.

Today, somewhat earlier than expected, the Tartaros pattern termie squad and weapon set arrived in the post - the weapon set isn't officially released till the 25th but i'm not complaining.

Overall the pieces look good, fair bit of flash on some of the termie parts but nothing to worry about.


  1. Nice man, I am realy looking forward to getting my sets of Tartarus Terminators and the weapons upgrades as well.

    Such good looking kits and I think the combi weapons will be really nice to spread through my Sternguard and Sergeants.

    What's your schedule looking like for Carcharodons paintworks? Are you going to be casting up your own icons for the doors and shoulders or going the decal route?

    1. I won't be painting them for a time yet, my priorities are finishing the Grot Tanks & putting together some gun emplacements before I start assembling these guys.

      Well there won't be any doors as there won't be any vehicles.

      To be honest I don't know, unless FW do something before I start them I may have to try making my own transfers or even try doing some brass etch (though never done that before so no idea how practical it will be, but LuckyNo5 did it a while back with nice results).

  2. Thanks mate, they look really good.

    Is there a difference in the resin they are using now or is it just a different casting method?

    1. As mentioned on MSN...

      FW use a range of resin recipes. I think this is a relatively new formula - but it is def not finecast.

  3. Christ, FW still hasn't learned to clamp their mold boxes together properly.

    Still all in all, I'm envious of ya mate.

  4. Replies
    1. Nah, superficial resemblance to Finecast but it isn't the same stuff - according to an email I saw from them on BoLS not long back.