Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Carcharodons 1 and Zone Mortalis 4

You may remember from my earlier Zone Mortalis posts that I had decided to build a new 1000 point force specifically for ZM games. Well I whittled down four options until I had a decision of what army to go with.

The four options were:

1. Nurgle Chaos Marines
2. Nurgle & Khorne Daemons
3. Deathwing
4. A Badab Chapter Force

Option 1 was tempting but I didn’t want to go for an army and then have to change everything when the new Codex came out. Option 2 was very tempting but I just couldn’t get a force list I liked with the limitations of only using Nurgle and Khorne and the ZM rules/FoC. Option 3 was always going to be considered as I still love the Dark Angels but the codex is, putting it bluntly, shite and I didn’t like the army list I could put together for it. Option 4 - I loved the Badab books from FW and a part of me always thought if I did Marines again A Badab Chapter would almost be a certainty. However I didn’t think I would be able to do an all Termie and Dread force with a Marine Codex based force. At this point Sheep (Forlorn Hope) pointed out that Tyberos of the Carcharodons allows you to take a Termie squad as a Troops choice…

So Option 4 it was, I picked up a second hand codex off eBay and drew up a force list:
HQTyberos the Red Wake (190)
EliteContemptor Dreadnought with CCW/Heavy Flamer and Multi Melta (185)
EliteTerminator Squad x5 including Heavy Flamer (205)
Troops‘The Red Brethren’ Terminator Squad x6 with Lightning Claws (240)
HeavyMortis Contemptor Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon (175)
Total = 995 points.

Only 14 models, even I should be able to manage that.

I decided as the army would be small I could “justify” an all Forge World force, no plastic Terminators or dreads, it was to be Tartaros and Contemptor patterns only.

I was away over the weekend just gone and on the way home I took the opportunity to pop into Warhammer World to buy the first batch of pieces. In stock they had:

Relic Contemptor with MM & CCW

Mortis Contemptor with two PC

Tyberos the Red Wake

At the same time I ordered a Tartaros pattern Terminator Squad plus one of the new weapon sets. This squad will provide a conversion of Tyberos (so he will have the same mark of armour as the other Terminators) and the additional member of the ‘Red Brethren’. Once Forge World has released an Assault squad I will pick up the two five man squads I need.

I’m in no rush to get everything built as I don’t think I will get to play ZM again for a bit, in the meantime I will plug away at the army as well as build up the number of cast pillars and card walls we will need to allow us to expand the gaming area for 1000 point armies.

With that in mind yesterday I did the first casts of some the control panels. They will be used as either scatter terrain in rooms or as objectives.

Thankfully they stand up fine.

Need a bit of cleaning up (odd air bubble) but otherwise they are good to go.

I also modified an old piece of terrain with some GW parts and cast that.

Air bubbles are much more a problem on these, the general shape plus all the small nooks and crannies means it is a bugger for trapping air bubbles. Keep in mind these may just be a stop gap till I do my own generator pieces (though they will still get used for some variety).

I think I will have to look at getting a vibration table. The amount of casting I am now doing (and looking to do) I think probably warrants the expenditure.

In the meantime I will clean up these pieces as much as possible with some GS.

If anyone has recommendations for vibrating tables (in the UK) please let me know.


  1. I've built a small vibration table on top of my Airbrush compressor housing. Low-tech and very cheap, but I've found it effective for some of my larger cast pieces.

    1. Cheers, I did try using the compressor to add some vibration but didn't seem to get any results with it. Don't think I had the set up right so might have a second go at it.

  2. Rictus doing Carcharadons?

    I do heartily approve. :)

  3. So weak willed.....though this means Sheep has had his revenge for all the projects you have talked him into in the past ;)

    Tell you what and I will likely regret this, if you actually paint these guys up I will do 1000pts of Red Corsairs to battle them :o hows that sound?

    1. Sheep didn't talk me into doing it, I was always going to do an army and it was always going to be FW heavy (except the Deamons option really). Even the Nurgle Marine option had a Contemptor in it. Sheep pointing out Tyberos actually cut down my workload as there are less models...

      Yeah right, as if.

    2. Ha! Revenge is mine!

      We both know you wouldn't have actually painted ANYTHING if I hadn't told you about the "red wake and friends". Getting you to paint a marine force is a victory in and of itself. Who knows, once its done you might think,
      "Only a tac squad, rhino and a landraider to take it to 1500 . . ."

      I'm calling it a victory! I think I'm still about 6 armies in the red though . . . baby steps.

    3. Well I still haven't actually painted anything...

  4. Looking sharp, Rictus!

    And don't listen to Sheep, he's horrible about finishing projects and even commissions.

    Speaking of commissions, back to work for me!