Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Scatter Terrain 8

Things have been a bit quiet update wise due to a. it's been too hot to do much, b. i had a headache yesterday and c. what i have been doing is moulds or casting so nothing new worth showing.

However I realised I hadn't done an update on the generator 3D model for a while - I actually did some work on it a fortnight ago but completely forgot to do the update (I've not had time to do anymore since alas).

So, here is the update from a fortnight back.

Basically I was happier with the Mk II version of the control panel but there were some elements from the Mk I that I really liked. In particular the curved top shape with a control workstation either side.

So I went back to the Mk I, re-worked some things and introduced elements from the Mk. II.

I coloured a few things to make them stand out a bit better. I decided to make the two work stations different, I found it more pleasing to the eye then having the two sides mirror each other.

And the obligatory 'stuck-on-the-side-of-the-generator' shot:

I am tempted to make one more change, namely to make the station longer (so it protrudes further from the generator). It would only be 5-10mm but I think it might be a better look. I shall experiment and then decide...


  1. That is very, very cool! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Excellent stuff Rictus.

    Out of interest who do you use for you 3D printing? I've been lining up to do something like this myself for a while.

    1. I use Shapeways, based in the Netherlands (thoughI believe they also have a US company as well).

  3. Fantastic, nice terminus for generator banks :)


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