Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gun Emplacement Mk II - 7

Emplacement Kits for Sale...

Good morning.

After showing the emplacement in a few places I had enough people ask me if I was selling kits to actually offer it for sale.

By doing extra moulds I can knock out a full set of casts in an evening in plaster for the walls and resin for the base, steps and gun mounting plate...

So we have eight curved wall pieces, two end wall pieces, 12 base pieces, 3 step pieces and the gun mounting plate. I will cast into one wall piece some rebar in case people want to add damage and have it showing.

I am going to offer the kits for £25 plus postage (at cost) for one or £45 plus postage for two kits.

As before if you are interested drop me an email... rictusrd-blog at yahoo dot co dot uk

EDIT: Got email address wrong....cheers Oink.

Using the pieces shown above, which I cast to determine how quick I could knock out a set, I was able to put together the second gun emplacement

The plan was to add some more details to the gun emplacements. First up I knocked up a shell case. I did the master, the mould and the first casts before I realised I actually had an Earthshaker shell with the Militia artillery crew set. Thankfully the sizes match up ok.

I then looked at the crank handle mechanism to turn the gun mounting plate.

I realised I had made  a mistake on the gun mounting plate by putting the recess - which I intended to use to locate the mechanism, was on the wrong wise. On the right it would block access to the gun raising handle. As such it will have to go on the right.

Due to this I will modify the gun mounting plate master to get rid of the recess and do a new mould.


  1. I am most definately interested in at least one (read two or more) of these little beauties! I will need to find and assign funds to this (without Mrs oink knowing of course!)

    Will be e-mailing you shortly...

    1. Cheers.

      And yes, the email address was incorrect...corrected above now.

  2. Looks great, email sent.

  3. Greetings Rictus. This is elotsip. I seemed to have lost your email. Can you shoot me an email?