Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Recalcitrant Daze...i've not taken a vow of silence.

I know it has been a bit silent round here of late but I have been busy, ish.

Most of my time has been taken up casting gun emplacements. Today I posted two kits to the Netherlands and I have these three kits...

I forgot to include the walls in the picture.

...ready to be packed and posted to Australia.

Unfortunately all the time spent casting has sapped my enthusiasm for doing anything else. However I had a few bits turn up today and I had the urge to start building something. So I made a start on my third Deff Dread. As with the other two it can't be built straight out of the box, i'll be modifying it to make it a bit more individual as well as replacing most of the rivets and distressing the plating to match my own Ork builds.

Very early WIP...
I did say I had a few bits turn up today, in addition to the Deff Dread this pair arrived...

Looks like a very nice kit, lots of gubbins. I will be using many of the parts on my Looted Marauder, when I finally get round to it. I will probably field the planes using the FW Fighta Bomma rules as I refuse to pay for a WD to get the new rule set. Besides I want my fliers to be actual fliers, not 'skimmers', as such i'll be using them in Apoc only.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed shortly.

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