Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ork Dread Mob 10

Just a mini update today in what appears to be my 'double Nelson post'*.

The bottom two arms are now done. I decided to cannibalise two Nob Power Klaws so that this dread would have some different weapons to the other two. I liked the look of having a pair of them for the lower arms, the fact the power klaws are smaller compared to some Dread weapons fit the smaller lower arms ok I feel.

Numnuts lost his job as a teaching assistant due to being 'too grabby'

I still need to add the pins/magnets to allow the arms to be removeable. That can wait till the upper arms have been built.

Here ends the mini update. Update tomorrow, but it might not be dread based...

* Those who do not follow cricket are unlikely to get what that means.

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