Friday, 8 June 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Month 14. Barter, BoLS and Blogs.

Well here we are again. Don’t the months seem to slip by almost unnoticed?

So what does this months offering bring us?

Well I just ate a banana that was completely straight, no hint of a curve. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t very nice. Straight banana = not natural.

New Blog Page:

In other news I bring you a new page on Recalcitrant Daze. The tab above (if everything is working correctly) will take you to the new Items for Sale and Commissions' page. I thought rather than have things like that spread out amongst the posts on RD it would be best to have all the information gathered together in one place.

Talking of things for sale today I posted the first two gun emplacements which had been bought. They are now on their way to Australia where I hope they find a good home pounding their enemies into dirt.

Bell of Lost Souls:

My latest article for BoLS went up last night. I did a follow up to my previous article regarding 3D printing. The first article reference the gun emplacement I wanted to do so I thought it would be a good time to follow it up and show the new prints and the gun emplacement assembled.

If you want a read the article can be found here.

New Blogs:

New as in (relatively) new to me anyway.

It has been a while since I linked to any new blogs I had started following so I thought I would put a few up tonight.

Gaze of Mork - A nice blog showing some inventive Ork builds for both 40k, Epic and BFG. Well worth a perusal.

Sproket's Small World - If you like gorgeous paint jobs go here.

A Gentleman's Ones - Great place with a nice mix of models and some excellent terrain.

What is to come next month?

Well I plan to start ordering more 3D prints (for the drums, crates etc), do some more casting, start building some Carcharodons (one or two at least), get back to finish the Grot Tanks and I may have an Orky commission to look at

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  1. Thanks for posting these links. There's some quality painting on these blogs. It's always a pleasure to look at other people's blogs, especially when there is such good work on display.