Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 1

The saying goes that 'size doesn't matter'. Women and Orks have many things in common, one of these is believing that statement to be wrong.

So this week I have been busy with a number of things. One thing which has been taking up my time was casting gun emplacements, however there was one other thing which is more interesting.

You may remember I built some Looted Wagons as a commission not that long ago, well the fine gentleman who had those has given me a commission for another vehicle. Just the one this time, but it is a bit bigger.

After a couple of days messing around with foamboard I have a mock up which has been given the go ahead to be turned into the proper thing.

As usual I will be documenting the build on here, and to start off here are some shots of the mock up and a bit of text to explain everything...

Please welcome what I am currently referring to as the Ork Kopta Karrier (or the OKK for short).
Yes, that is an Ork Boy acting as a Barry for scale.

It is big. Over 400mm long.

Fully laden it could fit nine or ten Deff Koptas.

The superstructure will mount at the front a Deff Arsenal (not yet sure how I am going to do that), couple of AA turrets on top and at the rear a large KFF. The central building will not be a single, slab sided structure, btu multi layered and much more Orky looking. There will also be walkways around the outside allowing the boyz to have a look out and take pot shots at people.

The superstructure from the other side. Boyz door at the bottom and the Nobz door up some staris to their more roomy level. The Meks shed at the end mounts the KFF andis close to the large fuel drum where the Grots have the job of refueling the Koptas.

The Baneblade sponsons will be elongated to run the whole length and mounting a Mobs worth of weaponry. Supports from the under deck structure will run under the decking.

The front will have a drivers cab and a couple of large weapons. Cab will be built out and lower to the ground while the weapons will be mounted in turrets.

At the rear we will have exhausts - as displayed in the pic..., and various other engine gubbins.

Once the Koptas have all taken off the Rokkit launcha can open up. There will be four or more rokkits mounted in launch tubes.

The Baneblade all this will be built on will be lengthened by 80mm and widened by 30-40mm.

One final picture to show the scale...

Yes, that is a Shadowsword hull

It is going to be a big job and will be spread over a fair amount of time. I will continue to do many other projects at the same time but this will be plugging along continuously for a while.

The Baneblade is on order and a large order of styrene will be placed this evening.

So keep watching...


  1. Oh my, this is a lovely idea! look forward to seeing your usual quality being applied to it!!!

  2. What a wonderful concept! Excited to see where you take this.

  3. That is going to be absolutely amazing.

    And a great double for a coffee table!

  4. Madness this will be, hopefully.

    I like "Big Arse Exhausts" as a label.

    Ran out of black spray.

  5. Cheers for all the comments.

    Waiting for the Baneblade to arrive...


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