Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Thirteen, Unlucky For Some.

Another month has passed. An odd month it has to be said. Little has really been done model wise, though there have been plenty of updates regarding 3D modelling.

The month outside this hobby (i.e. Real LifeTM) has been rather busy which has had the knock on effect of leaving little time for playing with toy soldiers. It is mainly for this reason the Grot Tanks are yet to be finished.

The second reason though was my airbrushes giving up the ghost and finally passing over to the paint shop in the sky. This put a big mocker on any weathering plans I had and seriously demotivated me in doing any more on them.

Things are now looking up as while I am away for a few days next weekend my month is mainly empty, leaving a lot more time to work on projects.

Not only that but when I returned home from the weekend away I found my new airbrush had arrived…


So work can now continue on the Grot Tanks – there will be an update on these in a day or two.

Today though I had another delivery, namely the replacement 3D prints for the gun emplacement base.

Other than a few shallow rivets which I will have to replace they are fine. Shapeways have no idea what went wrong with the original two, hence doing these new prints. I will get a mould sorted for these within a day or two. I have the gun mounting plate to sort which I will get done to be able to have all three in rubber in one go. After all this I bloody hope the damn things go together.

In the next few weeks I will finalise my designs for the next batch of models to get printed. I am still looking for more ideas of items worth doing; however how the gun emplacement turns out will play a factor in what I get done. So fingers crossed it looks good…

It has been a while since I last did an article for BoLS or MWC, really should get my finger out and do one – if that is I can think of an idea for an article. Any ideas for an article are welcome.

Until next time.

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