Monday, 16 April 2012

Scatter Terrain 3 - More Tarps & 3D Concepts

This evening I continued experimenting with the tarps...

I applied the sealant/water mix as before but managed to thin the 3-ply tissues out, removing one layer for the one tarp and two layers for the other one.

I also tried painting the stowage and the tarp seperately. This was definately easier so i'll be continuing with that. The tarp was washed once glued into position as you can get into all the folds etc.

This version is 2 ply:

While this one is 1 ply:

Having less sheets definately makes it easier to handle and get into shape.

However the one did tear so you need to be more careful when handling.

I am going to continue playing around, trying out different ratios between water and sealant and trying different ways to paint them. Expect more updates on these in the coming days or weeks.

3D Modelling Concepts...

I returned to the pallet and added the skull hole

I looked at an alternative version, where the skull is depressed into the plate with eye and nose holes going through...while I like the look of it it is just too small I think to work.

I looked at doing some Dragon's Teeth as well. I did some a while ago but they were pretty rough and so I thought I would get some new ones.

My original teef.
The skull on the pallets above where originally done for the new Dragons Teeth:

And the WIP 3D model of the new vertion
And a quick shot of the Teeth set up in front of the defensive walls...

More to come...


  1. The tarps look excellent, you already know what I think of the 3d models.
    What colours did you use on the first tarps? They look like perfect canvas tarpaulin.

    1. Bubonic Brown, then Gryphonne Sepia wash followed by Devlan Mud wash.

    2. Cheers, ordered some 'Zamesi Desert' today to match Bubonic Brown

  2. I think the one ply is a bit too eager to follow the circles of the barrels. I don't have a tarp and pallet of barrels to hand, but it seems a bit odd to my eye. I expect a bit less flexibility from a tarp.

    1. Yeah I can see what you mean, however I think in this case the final result is more down to how I glued it to the side of the drums. I need to do some more tarps to really get the look right I think.

  3. For painting, maybe do with them what we do with the plaster blocks, that is, mix a bit of paint in with the water and white glue mixture, and then you can just drybrush over the top and hit it with a wash as well.

    1. I'm not using white glue at all, but a sealant. I would prefer to paint them afterwards as you get much more control, adding paint to the plaster gives a very uncertain final colour which I wouldn't want with the tarps.

    2. Well fair enough mate - I like the bit of the uncertainty with the colour when doing tarps, just because they're all so very different (my father used to drive semi's for a living, so I got quite acquainted with industrial tarps at a young age).

      I forgot to add in the first post that I really do like the punched out skull hole - while I agree that the sunken one looks good, it's just too fiddly for printing and modelling, and a bit too complex for the Imperium to stamp out onto pallets.

      Regardless on our philosophical differences on making and colouring in the tarps, I do think yours look damned suitable at the end of the day and I do *not* mean to take away from that.

    3. No worries, no offence taken! It was a worthwhile suggestion and not something I had thought of, but I prefer to stick with painting them at the moment. However this won't stop me possibly experimenting in the future with it.

      Yeah I concure the look of the recessed skull is better but the skull hole through is far more practical.

      The pallets have changed slightly however and there will probably be another update tonight regarding them.