Friday, 27 April 2012

Bunker Doors 1 - Concept Work.

Sometime soon I will be putting in an order for some more 3D prints – mainly the stores pieces (drums, crates & pallets) but at the same time I want to try and get as many other pieces done. This will save on postage costs which over the previous orders soon mounted up.

In addition to the Dragons Teeth previously shown I am looking at doing a bunker door. The first place for this will be on my GW Bastions as I’m not keen on the look of the one which comes in the kit. I also want to be able to use the same door in other places, such as on bunkers, tunnel entrances etc.

So here are the early concept designs. Keep in mind these are CONCEPTS only, they are not finished designs or close to being fully detailed. Once I narrow the options down to one or two I can then finish them off.

The door and frame will be separate pieces, allowing the door to be left off if desired or for the door to be used on its own.

Frame Concepts:

The shape matches that of the Bastion piece as it will obviously need to fill the same space.

Final details would likely include lights, plaque, keypad and so on. However I want the look to be simpler and less cluttered than the GW design. I find much of the GW terrain to be over the top, I prefer the terrain to be more functional and straight forward (like my defensive walls) but with enough detail to be interesting.


Similarly the door has a simple, but hopefully interesting look. The sensor/speaker unit is there to give an idea of the final design, I hope the final design will look better. I will also look at finding the best position for it – at the moment it is just stuck on.

A few shots of the door in the Frame A and E.

Frame A was the original design the others are best off hence having more pictures of it to hand.

I did an assembly of Frame E as due to its design being different to the others I wanted to show how it looks with a door in place. I quite like how the sloped front creates the step in front of the door, the small alcove would contain the keypad to gain entry.

Anyone got any thoughts on the options for the frame design? Or come to think of it any more ideas for things I can design and get printed.


  1. I like 'E' the best. Really looks cool

  2. I love "A" and "E", absolutely smashing, both of them.

    Another idea to consider would be to pretty much invert "E", so that there's an overhang up top more than at the bottom

  3. I also like "E" for my part, maybe the edges of the door surround would look good with a slight bevel to the edges?

    I have been following your posts for some time now and I am curious as to what software you are using to design these components, the reason being is I think you make a fantastic job of it and make it look easy(which I doubt it is)
    I am very interested in what you are currently achieving, keep up the inspiring work.


  4. It looks like E is gaining support.

    A and E were more personal favourites so I may go ahead and finalise their designs before deciding for certain.

    Faolan: That wouldn't work tbh, the last thing you want to do is give people attacking the door protection from those above.

    Munky: I use AutoCAD Inventor which I am lucky to have access to through work. Once you pick up the basic commands etc it is quite easy to get good results.

  5. Thanks Rictus I shall investigate further.