Sunday, 29 April 2012

Grot Tanks 3.1

To be honest i've not done enough to really warrant an update, but I said i'd do one tonight so I thought what the hell.

Started adding a bit more colour in some detail on the turrets, ends of the grotzookas, check pattern on a couple of turrets plus the dags on the command tank turret.

Also started on the two crewgrots.

This is the first one, he is very, very rough. Decided to give him a red beret and bloo trousers. However he will be in the bloo tank so I may change the trousers. Will wait till I see what he looks like in place before deciding.

Be gentle, he is very much a work in progress...
Not sure what tomorrows update will be, prob won't be on the tanks though.

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  1. Now, as you've said, the grot is a WIP so I'll look at him for the moment.

    I reckon he looks pretty good so far. If he were mine, I might consider softening the shadow on his back, between the shoulder blades, a bit, especially towards the top, maybe work the mid tones back in towards the middle a bit. It takes a pretty harsh light to create shadows that stark, and if you bring up the middle slightly (and of course the top) you'll emphasize how scrawny he is with those shoulder blades poking way the hell out.

    I've never put a lot of thought into painting Orks, those are my wife's field to be honest, but I'd never considered blending a bit of brown into the flesh like you hae in places, I think it looks very striking, especially as you smooth your transitions out later.

    The red bit in his left hand, is that part of the cap, or do you reckon it's something else? If it's something else, maybe paint it a different colour so it's not confusing. Speaking of the hat, I don't know your painting process, but what I'd do now on that hat and then pretty much call it done is hit it with a little Vallejo Transparent Orange on the highest points, a few more strokes of it on the top forward rim, and a bit of thinned down brown glaze on the lower areas of it, with a very light sepia wash across the lower half (if you look at the picture where he's facing the right of the screen), and call it done. In fact, it took me longer to type that than it would have to paint it. Drying may be a bit different though!

    You're right about it being a good possibility to change the pants, or simply leave the pants like they are and change the tank he goes in! Then you don't have to change any paint, after all.

    All in all mate I think he's looking really good and I'm not leveling a criticism of how he's painted, just where I'd go from there were it me.


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