Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Scatter Terrain - 4

Just a quick update tonight on the 3D models for both the Dragons Teeth and the Pallets.

I've got nothing else done for a couple of days (due to either having a headache or I couldn't be arsed to do anything) so this update will just consist of rendered images from my computer.

First up Dragons Teeth.

I modified the model by raising the skull till it was centred on the arch top.

The revised model on the left, the original version on the right.
My preference is the new version. In comparison I find the skull looks odd 'floating' in the middle of nowhere on the original version. I think the design is now pretty much set, I don't think I will be modifying it or adding anything else to it.

Second up are the Pallets

I felt the tops were still lacking and rather plain. I increased the number of holes to start and then added a treadplate pattern. The treadplate gives them a much better texture and will look far more interesting, especially those which won't have stores on them.

The top plate for the larger pallet.

Large pallet assembled.

Top plate for the smaller pallet.

And the assembled smaller pallet.

Realised I hadn't really shown the two pallets together, so here are a couple of shots showing how they compare in size.

Hopefully my next update will be on the Grot Tanks. While I haven't done much for two days I did get them undercoated so I should be starting the actual painting process soon.


  1. I really dig those dragon teeth!

  2. I really like those pallets - have you thought of converting a copy of them into PSP for airfields and throwing onto the sides of vehicles? *hint*

    1. PSP?

      They are too big to go on the sides of vehicles.

    2. This sort of thing:

      But with your diamond plate pattern on it for increased traction ;)

    3. You can already get scale model Marsden Matting (I was looking at getting some a while back).

      If you wanted to scratchbuild some the simplest thing would be to get some 1/35 scale treadplate (which the above parts are based on) and punch holes into it.

    4. Ah, ok. I hadn't found any scale matting for this - I've found 1/35 and 1/48, neither of which work worth a rusty sprocket for this in 40k, sadly.