Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - A brief hello.


I know things have been a bit quiet of late, I have been a bit busy, not to mention a bit under the weather on and off which has resulted in not much getting done at all.

Over the next week things should progress only to then slow down again as I am away for the first two weekends in May, as such my time will be limited model wise.

I hope by then I shall have all three Grot Tanks finished. Expect updates on those every couple of days most likely.

No doubt I will end up doing the odd non-grot thing at the same time, for example I may do a bit of casting as my defensive walls have not had any attention for some time and they are in serious need of some mounting plates.

I have had word from Shapeways regarding the two dodgy looking prints for the gun emplacement and they are going to be reprinted (hurrah), I hope to have them in a week or so and after casting I’ll finally be able to see if either a. they all fit together to form a gun emplacement or b. i've wasted time and money for bugger all. In the meantime I need to sort the gun mounting plate out.

In other news I noticed yesterday two milestones for RD…

  1. RD has gone past 200 posts (this post is in fact the 202nd).
  2. RD has passed 60,000 views. This is quite a lot.

Following on the heels of RD’s 1st postday (seems a better term than birthday) the above slipped by under the radar.

The grot tanks will have to celebrate these two facts as well as I haven’t got time (or the inclination) to do something else as well.

Though I do have that Chaos Warhound sitting in a box…

…not to mention the Marauder Destroyer sitting in another one.

Time, you are a slippery mistress.


  1. Congrats on the Double Century! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with - keep up the great work!

    1. Cheers Mordian. I am currently averaging about 16 posts a month, which does seem a bit excessive now I think about it...

  2. I forgot you had a Chaos Warhound, I really want to see you do that!

    1. I did think of doing the Warhound instead of the Grot tanks to mark RD's first year. But couldn't be arsed.