Monday, 9 April 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - One Year In, Part 1

Recalcitrant Daze had its first post 12 months ago. When I started it I didn't really know if it would prove successful or slide into oblivion. For a long time I was purely based on forums so moving to a blog was a big change.

I have enjoyed the last twelve months and I have no intention of going back to basing myself on forums. While I will occasionally show some models on places like Warseer or Da Waaagh, Recalcitrant Daze is very much my focus for the foreseeable future.

I never thought after 12 months I would be where I am now. Today the 148th person decided to follow RD. It really has come as a surprise for RD to of gained this many followers after one year.

My thanks go to all those who have decided to follow RD and to all those who have commented over the last year. I try to reply to all comments which are posted as I really do appreciate it when people take the time to post something.

Big thanks go to those who have played a part in bringing in traffic, and thus followers. Ron at From The Warp got things rolling by adding RD to his blog roll (sadly no longer around), popping up on Dave Taylor's blog roll came as a surprise and brought in a lot more people, so a big thankyou to him. In the unlikely event of meeting either Ron or Dave I shall have to buy them a drink.

Thanks also go to the guys at Bell of Lost Souls who added me to their blog roll and also letting me write some articles (and I owe elotsip from Elotsip40k for putting in a good word). Thanks go to the Miniature Wargame Conversions for inviting me to write some articles for them as well.

I have now written a number of articles for both BoLS and MWC. I hope in the forthcoming year to do many more, as and when I have ideas which I can fit around my own projects.

Thanks to everyone else who have linked to RD in some way, either on their own blogs or elsewhere. While I cannot thank each of you in person I hope saying thanks here shows I appreciate it.

Due to being away for this weekend (actually played some games...) this monthly post is a bit slim on the ground, which is a shame for the Birthday post. As such I will do a more in depth post later, a sort of annual review perhaps.

Tomorrow though expect a post on what I thought of Zone Mortalis.


  1. Happy Birthday to your blog! It has been a lot of fun reading about your varied projects and seeing your 3D printing stuff work out so well. Any more news on those backpacks/tanks you were working on?


    1. Cheers very much.

      I am waiting on someone regarding the backpacks, still hoping he will be able to print them (and some other things) at the much higher resolution. I am hoping something happens soon...especially as I have lots of other ideas for more bits that need to be printed at the higher res to make them worthwhile.

      In the meantime though I will be doing a post in the next couple of days showing the last few pieces I had printed for the gun emplacement.

  2. Yes indeed, Happy Birthday!
    Here's to another good year and if we ever cross paths, I'll take you up on that drink!

    Ron, FTW

    1. Well I am thinking of flying out to the US and attending Adepticon next year so you never know I may be able to buy you one.

  3. Oh sir, for shame, you took a tiny break from writing a blog about gaming to do actual GAMING?! Bad, bad man.

    Congrats on a year mate!

    1. Well in fairness the blog is about modelling...I have never made any claim that the models will ever be involved in a game...


  4. You keep putting out top quality stuff and I know that keeps me coming back. If only I finished half as many things as you do!?!

    1. Either you are confusing me with someone else or the fact I start so many things gives the impression I finish a lot of things...

      ...though I admit since starting the blog I have managed to finish far more than I used to.