Saturday, 11 May 2013

Zone Mortalis 5 (ZM Redux)

As mentioned in the previous post I will be away later this month for some gaming, one of the games we will be playing will be Zone Mortalis using the Deathwing force I am currently putting together.
However with previous games I used the Mk. I Pillar to build the board but for this weekend I wanted to be able to use the Mk. II Pillar instead.

The old Mk. I pillar setup.

The Mk. II and Mk I in comparison.
This explains why there has not been any further updates on the Deathwing. I have been casting all of the pillars (though I had already cast half of them a few weeks back) and cutting new walls out of card. As the Mk II are now as wide as thr Mk I the original walls were now not long enough. This meant I had to cut some walls down to the next shorter wall length, cut out some new walls and use offcuts to increase the length of others. Have to admit it was all a bit time consuming.

But everything is now done. I have more pillars than I did before but lack the longest wall lengths I had previously. This isn't a problem though as with the additional pillars I can creat longer walls by using two short walls and a central pillar.

Today I did a quick set up to make sure I had cut the walls to the correct length...

...thankfully I had, I might of found a small, quiet place and cried if I had cut them all wrong.

Scale shot.
As you can see the pillars are just shy of a Contemptor in height. My plan for the 'proper' ZM board will see pillars and walls a touch taller so that things like Dreads won't be hitting their head on the roof.

Handily the new pillars, walls and doors all fit in a much smaller box than the first set of Mk. I pillars. It is a bit heavy though.

Next up back to building the Deathwing.


  1. I assume the redesign is easier to cast. Personally I like MKI more. The external slots add extra, if only minimal, detail to the walls and look slightly more 'Gothic'. Still that detail can be added to the walls anyway. MKII certainly looks like the bulkheads of a more sci-fi ship though and could probably be mad out of routed MDF for buttons, if you could find a place that does that sort of thing!

    1. I bet these guys could do it

    2. The Mk II are easier to cast, store and transport.

      Aesthetics aren't an issue, these pillars are purely a temporary measure, originally so we could try the game out and now as a stop gap till I build the proper board. Hence the lack of detail and cardboard walls. Cheapness and simplicity was the objective for these.

      Thanks for the link, but the final pieces will be 3D modelled/3D printed before being used as masters for casting.