Friday, 17 May 2013

Epic Distractions 1

So...I was talking to Nife (Nife's Once in a Blue Moon Updated Blog*) a week or so ago discussing the demise of Specialist Games and, well, one thing led to another.

It just sort of happened.
It has been a long time since I played Epic. I started with Space Marine 'back in the days or yore', only just missing out on the original Adeptus Titanicus (which still rankles slightly).
So this is the plan, to go back to those heady days when Epic first appeared. Going back to the roots which was of course the Horus Heresy. The army will be tied into the 30k force I am doing, namely Death Guard.
With that I am going with the original Mk's of vehicles, so things like the original Mk 1 Land Raider:
Staying with the feel of the DG the core of the force will be Tactical Marines backed up with armour, especially Vindicators and Land Raiders. Dreads will also give the Tacticals some close range punch.
A Tactical Pile Up.
Aren't they cute?
I've not really got an army list, or anything close to approaching one. Currently it is a case of picking up eBay auctions. I picked up a number of old Robots. Not sure what to use them as yet.
I am after more infantry (esp Termies, gotta have Termies) as well as more Predators (as I am two short to fielding two units). I need Vindis, plenty of Vindis. This I hope will be achieved by converting some of the Mk I Rhinos.
At the Heresy Weekender I will be picking up a couple of Warhounds. More Titans will appear at some time in the near future (fingers crossed).
* Not the name of his blog, but it might as well be.


  1. ThoseDreads look a bit new-fangled, you need some old skool trustworthy ones like these:


    1. Yeah I have been looking for the old Dreads but they are hard to come by on eBay.

      However I intend to use a mix as the Heresy list my 30k is using (from Betrayal) includes both the Contemptor and the 'new' design of Dread.

  2. The robots show up in some squat lists. Not sure if they are in any of the space marine lists. On the dreadnought I have tried to split my marines into a 30K and a 40K force so that I get 2 armies. Even got them different titan support,

    1. I am thinking I might add a few robots to a base and use them as counts as Terminators.

  3. Another of your distractions you have managed to talk me into............did I mention I hate you?

    My first batch of epic stuff has been put in the post now too :-)

    1. 'Hate me'?

      I can live with that.