Monday, 27 May 2013

Of Daemons and Deathwing.

Not a 'proper' post tonight, just a quick summary of what I have been doing over the last few days.

As you may have read in the earlier posts I am away this weekend for some gaming. With this in mind I have been putting together the second Contemptor for the Deathwing Zone Mortalis force and the Plague Drones for the Nurgle Daemon army (for regular 40k). I also decided to add another Herald to the force using the Warhammer Nurgle Lord figure.

Now my objective was to get them to a point I can game with them, as such I will be going back and doing bits and pieces on them later. For now though I can spend the rest of my time (I leave Thursday morning) getting things like army lists written up, packing boxes/foam sorted, packing etc.


The Plague Drones required a lot of GS due to all of the gaps. I also wanted one to carry an Instrument of Chaos, which as I wasn't using riders was a bit tricky. In the end I mounted one as a replacement to the Drones horn. I need to clean up the GS yet.

The Herald is a brute. Even without the rock he is standing on he would tower over regular troops.

I am undecided on the Heralds weapon, I've not glued the arms in place as I may replace the axe with a scythe (as per the model I saw at WHW). It would mean trying to scratch build a scythe and I do kinda like the axe a lot, I will have to mull it over some more...


Second Contemptor is now built. Was a bitch, had to get the dremell out twice to remove a shed load of resin. More on this when I do the 'proper' update on it.

As usual all of the weapons are magnetised. I even magnetised the gun options mounted inside the fist. Made a bit of a mistake when I bought the CCW though, when asked which type I wanted I said claw (as it looks cooler) not realising that the weapon options I wanted (storm bolter & heavy flamer) came with the other CCW. I may have to scratch build something.

After this weekend I'll go back to these and finish them off fully and do fuller updates on them.

My priorities after the weekend will be the Mekboy Junka commission and painting the Nurgle Daemons I had previously started (Plaguebearers & Nurglings).


  1. I know that it's a bit late, but I've got four Terminators from the DV box that I'm not using and probably never will, so would you like me to send those to you to use in your project?

    1. Apologies, I thought I replied to your comment before I went away but it appears I didn't after all...

      That is a very generous offer but I actually have enough Termies for the force. Being for ZM it is capped at 1000 points. I actually gave away some DV Termies myself as I didn't need them.

      Thanks anyway.

    2. No worries :)

      Ah, OK. Well, if ever you need some, just ask as they'll probably be sitting around for a little while yet!


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