Monday, 20 May 2013

Heresy Weekender - Part 2 (lots of pictures)

As promised here are more pictures, and larger versions, of the new things I saw at the Heresy Weekender.

First up the WIP Assault Boat - This things acts like a (massive) drop pod then takes back off and becomes a flyer. Still to do on it is the access hatch and the missile pods (to go on the wings/fins).

Scale shot. It is a big bugger.

Second is the Cybernetica elements. This bring back fond memories of the old models - including the Epic scale robots I picked up recently. Power wise they are just short of a Contemptor Dreadnought. The Mechanicum will continue to get drip fed units until eventually when the Mars book arrives you will have a full army list. Dark Mechanicum will probably see units themselves before then.

Along with those brutes is the Magos, unlike a Techpriest this guy is a front line fighter. He can do things along the lines of  'calling on the power of the cyborg units', or something like that.

WIP Space Marine Fortress, new Realm of Battle board. Like the Necron tile these can be combined with the plan of being to add Tarantulas and a landing platform.

The new Land Speeder, as seen as a WIP at the FW Open Day. Now sporting missile pods where the Lascannon was at the previous show.

Following that is the new Whirlwind.

And the as-yet-unnamed 'New Legion Tank'. Different turret options are likely.

Scale shot with the new Fell Glaive, which I very,
very nearly ordered on the day.

And here is Fulgrim...unpainted and painted:

Best scale shot I could get in comparison with Angron.

The WIP second version of the figure. Can't tell you anything behind this second figure as I didn't have chance to ask.

Along with him is the Palatine Blades unit.

To finish here are some shots from the seminar which looked ahead to the next two books (and behind a bit).

Next up will be some pictues from the display boards.


  1. Sweeeeeeet! I'm jazzed to see FW start to crank out some further ad-mech models, though my wallet cringes in fear. :)

    Thanks for sharing the pics, mate!

  2. Previews of new HH book pages, yet we still haven't even seen Horus or Mortarian. Bit poo if you ask me.

    Thanks for the awesome pics tho! ^_^

  3. No worries, happy to share the Resin Fetish with everyone...

  4. Thank for sharing. Night Lords look amazing and can't wait to build Night lords army.

    1. No worries. The Night Lords did look very nice.