Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Heresy Weekender - Part 4

So the final post covering the weekend contains pictures of anything else that grabbed my eye.

Again I have had to be selective as there was too many pictures to post up.

The 2mtr tall posters. When I got there Saturday morning half had already been sold, I was very tempted to grab the Dark Angel but thankfully by lunchtime it (and the others) had all gone.

Along the other side of that corridor where some large prints over the windows:

More on this image later.

While we are on artwork I popped into the Art Department room and grabbed a few pictures.

I have always loved pencil sketches, so I was delighted to see amongst the computer driven artwork some sketches. Alas I didn't catch who produced them. If you know please tell me so I can but his name to them.

In the model cabinets where some of the staffs own armies, alas the cabinets they are displayed in really doesn't help show them off and makes taking good pictures a real ball ache.

I so want a Typhon

Yeah, still want a Typhon
Last picture is from the last seminat, this is taken from a forthcoming graphic novel. That is all the information I can remember.

So to end this is the pieces I grabbed on the day.

The Limited Editions signed & number (007/100) print of the show only novella.

The show only novella itselt, along with the first
audiobook I have bought. Thought I would give them a go.

Underneath the dust cover this is what the book itself looks like.
Rather nice, but then for the price is bloody well better be.

My Epic Warhounds. Yay, Titans.

So that is it. I can now get back to building some models for my gaming weekend away.

So that is Deathwing & Nurgle Daemons...


  1. Thanks very much for all your posts on the HH Weekender. I wish I could've gone myself, but these posts have helped soften the blow ; )


    1. Well from what they said they definately want to do it again next year, so fingers crossed you might be able to make it over for that one...

  2. Dave summed it up nicely.

    Thanks lots sir. :)

  3. Cheers for the run through, very informative, and I've seen alot more angles and interesting models on here then some of the other blogs covering the event.

    Look forward to seeing you get back into actually modelling something though ;)

    1. Now you know why I ended up with over three hundred pictures...

      You never know, I may get an update up involving actual modelling Saturday. Or Sunday. Maybe Tuesday, definately by Wednesday.

  4. Really comprehensive report thank you so much :D

    1. No worries, I like to share...