Sunday, 5 May 2013

Deathwing - 1

So for a change from the usual fair I am working on some Marines. As mentioned once or twice previously I aim to have a 1000 point Deathwing force for Zone Mortalis games. The intantion is that this force will be purely for ZM, eventually (once I have sorted a ZM board out) the bases will be done to match the floor tiles of the board.

In the short term I am just building these. I am away for a weekend later this month and I need to get this force (and more Daemons) built in time for it. As such don't expect any paint to appear on these just yet.

I started putting the Termies together a while back but only now with the first Contemptor assembled have I bothered to grab some shots and do a post on RD.

The force will break down as:

Belial (obviously)
Deathwing Knight squad
Deathwing Squad (using Dark Vengeance Termies)
Contemptor Dread w. Multi Melta & CCW
Contemptor Mortis Dread w. x2  Plasma Cannon

The Dark Vengeance squad have been put together. I still need to fill gaps, clean a few things up etc but that can wait till the other units are built. I did a couple of small conversions...

The Dark Vengeance squad includes two identical figures. I did a quick arm & storm bolter change as well as a couple of cosmetic chances so that they weren't completely identical.

The Assault Cannon termie had a weapon swap with the Ass Cannon being replaced with a Plasma Cannon. Something which should prove nasty in ZM.

The Deathwing Knights (and Belial) are pretty much straight out of the DW boxset. Still need to finish their builds as they lack certain things (like heads).

The first Contemptor is now built. The Mortis dread packs two Plasma Cannon. So the force as a whole packs three, with the amount of Termies I will face in the ZM games these will prove very handy.

Magnetised weapons,both for Weapon Destroyed results and because after
a couple of games I might decide to try a different loadout.

As you can see I used plenty of addition purity seals and brass etch on the Contemptor.

I prefer the look of brass etch icons over plastic ones from GW as they are far thinner that the thick plastic ones. On the other hand I hate using it as it is always a bitch to get it shaped so it fits and gluing it in place is a nightmare.

Next up is washing, cleaning up and assembling the second Contemptor.


  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing how the contemptor turns out - The brass etch is definitely the way to go, but I completely agree that getting them places is a pain in the butt!

    Good stuff, Rictus!

    1. Aye, doesn't help the damn stuff sticks to your hands far better than it sticks to the model...

  2. Thats a lot of plasma Mmmmmm don't think the corsairs would stand up to much of that.

    Will have to be the first test for my necrons then :-P

    1. Well I think the Str7 AP2 blast shots (with re-roll to wound) will enjoy taking on the 'crons just as much...

  3. That Dreadnought looks great, nice idea with the magnets too. You got alternative arms yet or are you just planning ahead?

    1. Cheers. No alternative arms yet, i'll wait to see how the two Dreads perform first. Even without alternative arms being magnetised will be useful for weapon destroyed results.