Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - 23 Months and counting.

Another month. One can hardly contain the excitement this brings.

We have now hit the 23rd month of RD. This of course means that the next post will be covering the 2nd anniversary. I may do a competition to celebrate. Or I may not. It will likely come down to if I remember or not.

Last month brought Orks, Deathwing and pictures from Warhammer World and the FW Open Day to RD. Oh and a couple of castles.

The month to come will see more Deathwing and Daemons as I build the two forces I will be taking later in the month ‘up north’ for some games. I will try and get some pictures (if I remember) of the games. Who knows there may be some pictures of another castle? We shall have to wait and see.

What we will definitely see pictures of on here is the Heresy Weekender which I will be going to in less than two weeks. Should be a good event as I have always found FW put on a good show –they are usually the only good thing worth seeing at Games Day, which is why I no longer bother going. Never been to a Black Library event so not sure how it will turn out, never been fussed about getting books signed etc and I can’t really thing of anything I want to ask. Other than begging Aaron Dempski Bowden to do the next Dark Angels book for the Heresy series that is.

No doubt I will also come back with some resin to add to the box of Deathguard I have sitting around. Once the Deathwing and Daemons are finished (and by finished I mean painted) I will open the box and let the Deathguard out to play. This shouldn’t actually be that long now, probably a couple of months should see the projects start.

Scary amount of resin.

If anyone reading this is also going and fancies saying hello or grabbing a drink let me know and I am sure something can be arranged…


  1. Alec from Apocalypse40K here. I am going to the Heresy weekender too. Look me up when you are there.


    1. Will do, sure we can have a drink and a chat during it.

  2. Competition.

    I'll not let you forget mate ;)

    1. Well as you can't seem to remember to reply to emails I don't have much faith in you reminding me...