Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Heresy Weekender - Part 3 (the Battles of Istvaan III and V)

Moving on from the new models shown in the last post here are some shots from the Istvaan III and Istvaan V boards.

I have had to be quite selective as I had many more pictures.

As Istvaan III has been shown before let's start in reverse order with the new Istvaan V board:

And now for the World Eaters on Istvaan III...

In amongst all those World Eaters is one guy playing with his smart phone:

The horror that Twitter may still be around in the 31st millenium is possibly the true Grim Dark.

I think there will be one more post. Random pics I grabbed around the place.


  1. Amazing phots, thanks for sharing... quite a few people at FW have been very busy painting!

    I hope they release the Void Shield Generator as a terrain piece.

    Love the iPhone marine, as good as the 'Where's Wally' marine on the same board earlier at Gamesday last year!

    1. Very busy indeed, I think they were painting models for the Istvaan V board right upto the last minute.

      The Wally Marine was still there apparently, though I admit to not seeing him as I got distracted too easily with all the other things on the board.

  2. wow... great battle! I like it! for the Emperor!!!

    1. There are both very impressive display boards.

      The only thing I would of liked is more loyalist infantry on the Istvaan V board, as they did look a bit thin on the ground. But then that may be purely down to timescale, by the next outing there may be more on there.