Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - Warhammer World Weekend

Hello again. Fancy meeting you here.

After the Open Day picture posts here are a selection of pictures taken from the games myself, Maelstrom and Nife played at Warhammer World. There is also some from various displays, cabinets etc round WHW.

Alas I forgot to take pictures of the AI game as well as the Zombicide games.

Not the first time I died...

...or the last.

Zone Mortalis Games...

The Daemons march to war.

as do the Red Corsairs...

...and the Space Pups


The Daemons aren't running away,
they are moving to claim the objective.

Red Corsairs being sneaky.

Nurglings being eyed up by the Space Wolf fellow,
who looks pissed.

probably because he hasn't been given a backpack.

Cultists holding the objective and keeping out of everyones way.

Stompy stomp.

Nurglings and Corsairs eyeing each other up in a Mexican standoff.

Beasts against unarmed Marines. Hardly seems fair.

The Nurglings and Corsairs finally got it together.
Nife's Dreadnought.

Maelstroms Sorceror.
And various shots around the hall and on display:

The UK Games Day Armies on Parade winner

Kids shouldn't play with crabs.

A knight lets his cock out for the evening.

I am blatantly going to steal this idea.
From the new gaming board using the Forge World Realm of Battle boards:


  1. Some really nice piece there, I like the 8th one up, think its the prince lord or some such character, cool


    1. Yeah that is a Deamon Prince of Nurgle. Nicely painted, no idea how he painted the liquid filled vials on the back.