Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Forge World Open Day 2013 - Part 2

This set of photos from the Open Day cover the display tables, participation games and the painting competition.

The new Zone Mortalis board showing an assault through a ships fighter bay.

Could of spent most of the day looking at that board to be honest.

The board FW use to show off Heresy models, using their City Fight RoB boards:

The new display board for Imperial Armour 12

And a couple of pics from the Reaver versus Stompa Mob participation game:

And finally a small selection from the painting competition. These are the ones that caught my eye and whose pictures turned out good enough to show. No idea who won, the cabinets didn't make it easy to see a number of entries so there is a good chance the winner might not be below:

One of three Blight Drones I saw in the cabinets.

One of four Contemptors there.

I think that just about covers the day.

I managed to pick up in the days leading up to the Open Day some weapon sets and a Mk. III Breacher Squad. I also picked up some Rotor Cannon and a Thallax Cohort for Sheep. On the day I got hold of the Show Only figurers and the Imperial Armour Vol 12. Which was nice. A good day was had by all.


  1. The EC Contemptor won the competition, just so that you know :)

    That Blood Angel Fellblade is magnificent though.

    Thanks for the pictures!

    1. Ah cheers. It wasa very nice model. Shame the cabinets they use (for events and in the miniatures hall) are aweful.

  2. Thanks for the pics mate, and for getting me some more crack to add to the resin pile.

    There is some amazing models in that comp, they should really do a better job of covering things like this on their website, and Facebook.

    1. No worries, you know I am always here to 'help' out a friend.