Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Looted Wagons 35

Well the second one is now finished.


The magnet at the back is to mount the options...

Option 1 - No Rokkits:

Option 2 - One Rokkit:

Option 3 - Two Rokkits:

Both Rokkits and the viewing thingy are magnetised so the same mini-turret can be used for both the one and two Rokkit options.

I will try and get some good daylight pictures of the whole vehicle tomorrow.

Next up will be a break from Orks to build some more Daemons and some Deathwing.


  1. Awesome stuff, Rictus! Love the magnetization options, that's super rad. I despair at my ham-fisted conversion attempts compared with your exemplary work. It does encourage me to keep trying though!

    1. Cheers.

      Well the best bit of advice I could give when it comes to converting is just to keep doing it as improvement comes with experience.

  2. Cracking model,

    Attention to detail really makes your models stand out. Just wish I had the skills to make models like that. Looking forward to seeing what your next project looks like.

    1. Thanks.

      I always feel the details are what really brings a model to life so it is well worth spending the time on them.

      Next for the Orks will be a Junka with plenty of Mekboy gadgets and gizmos.

  3. Nice one,

    Thanks for those links you supplied on Bols, I found them very helpful and having started to build using plasticard I'm beginning to realise the amount of time you must put into these models/ conversions to get them as sick looking as you do.

    Looking forward to the Junka project.