Sunday, 14 April 2013

Looted Wagons 31

Work has finally begun on the second Looted Wagon for the commission.

Not much to show as all I have really done is build the base Rhino and start cutting bits off ready for the Orky additions.

This one will have a Boomgun turret. I am going to build up the rear and use the Razorback piece to fit the turret.

As you can see I have removed the detail at the rear and around the open hatch as I will be building over this area. I have also removed the top of the exhausts as I will be adding new ones to match the ones on the first Looted Wagon.

The only bit of Orkiness I have added thus far is the rear access hatch. For some reason the Orks decided to rivet up the rear door and add their own. I don't know why, that's Orks for you. I'll also add a bit of weld line round the original access door.

Fingers cross I manage a bit more tomorrow.

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