Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Looted Wagon 31b

As I seem to of lost all photographic ability in regards to models this is only a small update (hence it being number 31b rather than 32).

The top and front is now heavily plated up with the drivers view port in place (using the original piece cut down) and on top the turret mounting plate has been raised and fitted. Also put in a drivers hatch for when he wants to pop his head out and shout (or shoot) at things.

Exhaust tops are also in place.

Next up will be the sides and finishing off any other plating up on the top.

I had to mess around with the picture in Photoshop
just so you could see any of the details.

What you can't see in the pic is that I cut out the original vent in the Razorback/Predator plate and replaced it with an Orky one instead.

I think I will wait to doing the next update untill I can get some pictures in daylight.


  1. Doesn't daylight require the sun? ;-)

    1. Thankfully you don't need that much to get better pictures than the above - see latest update...


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