Monday, 8 April 2013

Forge World Open Day 2013

Right, these would of gone up last night but I barely had time to do anything as I had a gig to go to.

But I have finally got them all sorted. By now of course you will of seen all of these elsewhere anyway, but I shall still put them up...

This will be pic heavy.

Starting with Warhammer Forge monsters:

The Dread Maw:


Troll Mother, still WIP.

And smaller critters and infantry:

Related to the Forge pieces is a new RoB panel:

Now onto Warhammer 40,000:

Starting with the Necrons from the new IA book:

Unpainted and painted Arks/Arcs (can't remember spelling and the IA book is too far away to check)

Forgotten completely this guys name, but it is a new version of the existing model.

The new Sentry pieces:

Now we move onto the Marines.

Firstly a new Minotaurs character dreadnought from the IA book.

And then we have the new Heresy items...

The lovely Fell Glaive:

A new Whirlwind - partly glad, partly disappointed that it isn't a remake of the old 'Crayola' launcher.

Heresy Land Speeder:

Two new Rapiers, Graviton Gun and Heavy Bolters:

And onto the infantry:

Emperors Children Palatine Blade squad:

Legion Destroyer squads including the Missile Launcher.

Praetor Models:

Random WIP Marines:

Sons of Horus Reaver Squad, WIP command pieces and WIP Contemptor:

Night Lords vehicle doors, there was also some Word Bearer ones but the pic was useless:

Finally the other RoB panel on show, the crashed Thunderhawk:

And that is all I think.

Tomorrow I will sort some more pics from the display tables and other non-new items I grabbed pictures of.


  1. thats some nice photos you have there Rictus, gutted I didn't make it... I can see myself buying a lot of the Night Lords parts (not sure about the doors myself, but I'm sure they'll grow on me, and besides it would be nice to have some variation)

    not sure if you have ever checked my blog out, but here is a link incase you feel the urge :P

    oh and lastly what was the gig you went too?

    1. I'll have a look later.

      The gig was The Wildhearts.

  2. Great pics, man - thanks for sharing them! Some of those new heresy models look fantastic. Alas, my poor wallet is gonna be in for a beating this year! :)

    1. What's money for if not to splash out on resin?

  3. These are the best pics I've seen from the day so far, thanks lots!

    That crashed Thunderhawk is one heck of a piece.... So tempting....