Saturday, 27 April 2013

Looted Wagons 34

So i've finally started on the turret for the Looted Wagon.

I have been humming and ah-ing over it due to the need to get three options on there, namely 0 Rokkits, 1 Rokkit or 2 Rokkits. This alone has delayed the turret as I needed a good way to do the turret so that it looked ok without the rokkits. I couldn't simply leave mounting plates/brackets etc on the turret and swap weapons out as normal as it would look naff with the pieces on the turret.

So anyway I eventually stopped messing around and just started building, with a vague idea of how to do the rokkits and thinking it'll come to me as I build.

The turret is therefore underway, it is still very WIP with really just the basic shape in place and the Boomgun done (though work is still required around the mounting of it).

The Boomgun is a cut down FW Russ Battlecannon which I added some tubing to. For Weapon Destroyed results it is magnetised.

Regarding the Rokkits while building this I had a new idea how to do them which if it works will look nifty. We shall see.

Another update tomorrow (though I may wait for better lighting for the next update)

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