Thursday, 4 April 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - 22 Months & FW Open Day

I am shortly off to Nottingham for a gaming weekend culminating in the FW Open Day.

So the plan will be some Warhammer Quest, Zone Mortalis, BFG (possibly), Aeronautica Imperialis and something called 'Zombicide' I believe...

As my usual Monthly Post is due Monday I thought I would do it early as Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday will see posts covering the Open Day and the gaming me and the two other reprobates do.

I've not really got much worth covering to be honest as this month I have mainly been ill. As such hobby work has been very slow.

The first Looted Wagon got done...

And got some work done on the Daemons...

And that frankly is about it. Rather a poor show for a months work.

Next month I am away for another weekend and part of another one, but there should be an upturn in productivity. Plaguebearers and Nurglings will get finished, second Blight Drone and Plague Drones will get built (but prob not painted till the month after) and the second Looted Wagon will get done.

I also need to get the Deathwing force built as I will be taking them on another gaming weekend in May. This basically means building the two Contemptors as the Termies are built (enough for gaming if needed anyway).

Right, enough waffle. I need to finish packing, eat something and head off.

Forgot to mention, if you are at the Open Day Sunday and won't to say hello i'll be the one wearing a t-shirt with my avatar on, namely Smileybones...

Just noticed this is post 333. Triple Nelson, could be an omen. But it isn't ,as that is all bollocks.


  1. Have fun at WHW but rest assured, your poor month progress is about as much as a good month for me!

  2. Zombicide I've got a copy of that tucked away for summer....

    1. Turned out to be a good, fun game to play.

  3. "Just noticed this is post 333. Triple Nelson, could be an omen. But it isn't ,as that is all bollocks." You just still got your good sense of humor. :D

    Just went through your earlier posts, pure awesomness as always. Have fun at WHW!