Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Recalcitrant Daze – Seven Months and Still Alive, Da Plan, Blogs to Visit.

Has seven months really gone by since Post One?

Well last month was almost a wash out when it came to modelling. Thankfully my kitchen building duties are now complete and the three Wagons I am building for the BoLS article are very nearly finished (sneak peek below) so I should be back to doing regular updates on RD very soon.

So I hope (that’s hope, I’m not making promises) to do the following in the coming month (in no particular order):

  1. Write BoLS Lootin’ article and then get the Looted Wagons up on eBay.
Sneak Peek of Wagons 1, 2 and 3

  1. Finish Building the Killa Kans.
  2. Undercoat the Deffstrike Launcha and start the painting of it.
  3. Do something that isn’t to do with Orks, just for a change, probably Chaos related
IPMS Scale Model Show

Next weekend is the IPMS Model Show which I will be going along to as normal. Forge World are in attendance and hopefully showing off something we haven’t seen before. Either way I expect to do at least one post on the event next weekend. It does feel weird not to of put in an order from them though, feels kinda wrong.

Blog Spotlight

To finish I thought I would do a quick shout out to some blogs I regularly visit which have either only recently been started or I have only recently discovered. I posted up some links previously when the Stylish Blogger Award were doing the rounds but I thought it about time I do some more

Forlorn Hope – From the man known as Sheep. For someone with hooves I grudgingly accept he ain’t half bad.

Small-scale Ramblings - The Hoff, another modeller from ‘down under’ and almost certainly someone you have seen on one forum or another over the years.

Legion of Plastic - Migsula. Anyone who has ever visited the Dakka modelling area will have come across his work before and the awesome Inq28 figures he produces.

Warpaint – Warpaintguy. Nice place to see some Orks in a lovely yellow.

Mordian 7th Regiment – Mordian7th. Guard, Admech and a bit of Thousand Sons.

Oinks Overambitious Terrain Project(s) – Oink. Not as much terrain as you would expect from the name…plenty of nice tanks though so I’m not going to complain.

Elotsip's Warhammer Blog – Elotsip. With it heavily leaned towards chaos and orks it is a place after my own heart.


  1. Thanks for the shout out mate :)

    Look forward to seeing those articles up, hopefully the exposure will ensure a good price on eBay too.

  2. Thanks for the link mate!

    I visit your site as soon as I see a new article. i love your wacky waaagh builds.

    Keep it going. Looking forward to your chaotic builds.


  3. yea yea... I know I should really probably concentrate more on the terrain stuff! I haven't done anything with it for a while! But I'm definately enjoying painting guard at the moment, particularly tanks! It's glad to know that people are interested and like what I'm doing!

    In short, thanks for the spot!

    As an aside, and a further shameless plug I am in the process of setting up a new blog to showcase painted models for sale as well as accept individual commission projects.

    ipaint models

    Still awaiting pretty pictures, but hopefully you get the idea...

  4. Cheers for the comments, you are all welcome. Even Sheep.


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