Saturday, 26 November 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Mini Update

Mini as in small, not mini as in miniatures...

Well the article for Bell of Lost Souls is finally done. The writing of the article took far longer than looting the three tanks. After much editing it was still around 4500 words over three parts.

I don't know when they will be going up on the website but once they are up I will post some pictures of the tanks on here.

I can now get on with something else and I feel I need a quick break from all things Green, so there are two things I am going to work on next:

1. The Renegade Marine ships for BFG - they have been sitting on my desk almost ready for paint since not long after Games Day.

2. Something for my CRM - it seems a long, long time since I have done anything on them so I feel I should make an effort. I have a couple of ideas of what to work on, the first an attempt to finish something I started a while back and the second is something new.

So I am hoping normal service will resume on Recalcitrant Daze from now on, with updates going up regularly.

PS: Am I the only one who cannot preview posts? I click the button but the damn thing doesn't want to show me a preview anymore.

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