Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ork Dread Mob 7

The Killa Kans have progressed a bit further.

All six close combat weapons have been built (including distressing and re-riveting...). The first four ranged weapons are also done.

Grots With Attitude. The Mob so far.
Rokkit Kan.

I decided not to use the weapons mounted on arms, but instead mount the weapons direct to the body using the spare mounting joints from the Dreads.

So for the Rokkit Launcha I used the Dread rokkit launcha but added a third rokkit (more Dakka).

Skorcha Kan:

Pretty straightforward, just used the Dread Skorcha.

Grotzooka Kans:

I used the Kan Grotzookas but converted the second one as I can't have two identical weapons. For both of them I got rid of the scrapp in the hopper and replaced it with my own scrapp.

The remaining two are yet to get guns. I would prefer if they also have Grotzookas but it would mean either scratchbuilding two or buying two off a bits site...I will decide tomorrow...

All of the guns are removeable - the two using dread weapons just drop onto the peg while the two grotzookas are magnetised.

The close combat weapons are also removeable, the two I did first (see last post) are magnetised while the other four just didn't get glued at the wrist, so the weapons pop out if required.

Still to do:

Front feature.
Two guns.

You know, my life would be a lot easier if I just built things out of the box.


  1. Looking brilliant! I love all the extra variation you have brought to the models to make them all unique. Great attention to detail!

  2. Cheers. Hopefully they will be all done soon. ish.


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