Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hell Blades of Nurgle 2

The Hell Blades have progressed a bit more, I have added some styrene to the rear of the cockpit area so when the canopy is fitted there is no longer a gap. The one Blade has .75 added, the other had .5 added. Some GS blended them in.

The planes and canopies then got a coat of Halfords Grey Primer. This is a nice undercoat for resin and will also highlight any gaps or rough areas I might of missed.

The grey shows up the surface texture quite nicely I think.

I also decided I really didn't like the rock on one of the bases, basically it was too big and the shape loked odd. So I ripped off the surface and hacked away at the foam beneath before adding some filler and redoing the PVA/filler/tissue covering and adding the sand.

Original base on left.

Much prefer it to the original version.

Next up will be filling in any gaps that I spot after the grey coat and then a black undercoat. I may actully paint them then...

...though I haven't nailed down the colours I want them yet. Thinking a light white/off white as the base colour though.

And my sodding preview button still isn't working.


  1. The primer really helps blend in all the detail. Looks great. Now paint it! :P

  2. The cut down version of the base is definitely a bit more balanced. Love, LOVE, what you've done on these, can't wait to see 'em painted up!

  3. Cheers. I'm quite pleased how they are looking with the grey on. I'm actually looking forward to seeing them painted. Sort of.


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