Saturday, 12 November 2011

IPMS Scale Model Show

As mentioned in the previous update this weekend is the IPMS Scale Model Show in Telford, seeing as I am in Telford it seemed sensible to go along for a look.

Unsurprising the show is really directed to scale modelling, something I'm not too interested if I am honest. But the materials, tools etc are just as useful for what I do do so there is plenty of things to have a look at. The models on show can also spark plenty of ideas for my own projects so I tend to take quite a few pictures.

Unfortunately the timing of my visit wasn't great, basically I couldn't get to see the competition entrants they had. It is usually full of some very nice modelling projects and very good paintjobs so it was a shame I couldn't get in, but I really didn't fancy hanging around for three more hours before the judging to finish.

So anyway, a selection of pictures I did grab:

Nice little diorama, good inspiration for when I eventually
give in and do that trench gaming board...

Nice kit from a company from Hungary

Always liked tank transporters but never done one... kinda tempted to do an Orky one...

Unfotunately no wacky camo patterns I could use for the Orks.

Forge World were in attendance but I didn't see anything new on show which was a shame. It seemed this year it was just a sales stand, rather than on previous years when they have someone (such as Mark Bedford) painting their models and answering questions/doing demos etc.

The only question I asked was regarding IA11. The are expecting the books to come back from the printers mid December, they hope that it will go on pre-order beginning of December but it may be beginning of January. They couldn't be any more certain than that.

Anyway a few pics from them...

Happily I got away without buying any resin, for the first time ever I think.

Also at the show...

The Jag from whichever Bond film it was on.

And a Spitfire, naturally.
I did pick up a few things, in addition to some brass rod, styrene strip and some drill bits I picked up these:

Some weathering stuff i've not seen before so
thought i'd give it a go, they also do a spray version.

Another cutting tool for styene etc. Thought it was cheap enough (ten quid) to give it a go.
The fact you have more control for cutting angles could be a real boon.

Ok, I don't know why I bought these.
They looked cute so I bought them.
I don't know what I will do with them.
And that is that. Decent couple of hours.


  1. You could cast the skull and use it for terrain I suppose. Not sure what the head wth the stitches could be used for.

    Looks like a good show, wish we had similar here.

  2. I am tempted to convert the skull into an AdMech keyfob...


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