Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wound / Hull Markers 3

Last model based update for a bit as I am away for a short break.

However I did grab a few pics of the wound markers before I left. The pictures aren't great I admit...

That should be enough to cover all occasions. Plenty of ones and twos, shouldn't need any more than that often.

I then decided i'd use some more skulls to make some markers.

Six I numbered 1-6 for possible use as Objective Markers. Went for a bronze scheme. Very quick paint job and needs a bit more work when I get back.

The other six were done in a metal/steel scheme. Again a very quick job.

These will be markers of some kind, such as marking a unit affected by a psychic power.

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  1. These sort of things I'll paint for you, let me know, send them to me!


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