Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimator 3

Who's a pretty boy?

The Decimator is basically finished now. I'll come back to it to do a little touch/clean up here and there before I undercoat him.

As you can see the weapons have changed quite a lot from the original ones I had come with the body.

I rebuilt the Heavy Conversion Beamer...

Doing the coils wrapped round the main shaft was a pain in the arse.

While looking for parts for the two weapons I came across this blast from the past...

Yup, the original Conversion Beamer. This used to be mounted on a Space Hulk Genestealer Hybrid many years ago.

The other weapon started life as a Storm Laser but I cut most of it away and rebuilt it as a Butcher Cannon.

While I didn't go with the orientation of the two guns on the FW weapon (which has them set up vertically with one barrel above the other) I wanted to keep the blade below, but for a more Nurgle look I used part of the sword from the Soul Grinder kit.

After the last last update I did do a bit more to the gunk on the one leg:

Overall I am quite pleased with how the Decimator turned out. Posing the legs was a nightmare and even now it isn't great as the weapons hang down so low the legs get in the way leaving little scope for positioning the arms and weapons.

I may attempt to get the Plague Hulk built in time for the Meet up (in two weeks), but I think I need to concentrate on getting some other bits sorted in time - namely my Dreadball team and my Wound Markers.


  1. Man, that is absolutely fantastic. You've inspired me to get back on converting my Lord of Skulls

    1. Cheers. Will this be a Nurgle Lord of Skulls then? Not a fan of the stock model much but I did see an awesome Nurgle version.

  2. Excellent work! Did you do the pitting with a rotary tool? How are these guys on the table, performance wise?

    You can make tubes and tentacles super easily with my Tentacle Makers, BTW. Link below...

    1. Yeah the pitting etc was just using a Dremel, pretty easy and straightforward. The hardest thing is not doing too much.

      As for on the table I don't know, the upcoming weekend will be the first time I get to use it. However the rules (and points value) would suggest it will be pretty strong. With the Mark of Nurgle added onto it's normal rules it should ('should') be hard to take out.

      Cue first turn explosion...

  3. Incredible model. Can't wait to see it painted up!

    1. Thanks. I'm getting a bit of a backlog of Daemons to paint so it'll probably be a while before I get round to this.


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