Friday, 2 May 2014

Chaos Renegade Militia (aka Traitor Guard) - Going Forward

So this finally arrived...

So I am now mulling over the CRM and how I may change them, if that is I go with the new codex at all.

I will be giving them a small outing at the Meet Up in a couple of weeks, but only as a small contingent alongside my Deamons.

Before then I will be sorting some bits to get rid of. Some will go on ebay while some will just be 'disposed of'.

However last night I was able to sort through some boxes and gathered together all the unbuilt chimera/basilisk bits I have. It comes down to...

So we have three partially built second hand Bassie hulls in various states of disrepair. These three are destined to become terrain pieces - one by me and a couple by Sheep.

In addition to that we have one complete and unbuilt old style Chimera, two unbuilt Manticore/Deathstrikes plus the Hydra (not shown) I had arrive with the codex. The Hydra will become an emplaced turret so i'll have that hull spare as well.

I intend to sell the one converted Hellhound I have as mentioned in the previous post) and I think the one unbuilt Chimera I have will be built as stock. The other kits will stay in my bits boxes for future projects.

So expect some sort of post this weekend showing what will be going in my journey of culling the waste...


  1. Good Luck with your renegades. I've had a lot of fun creating my Blood Pact inspired traitor guard.

  2. Traitor guard? I'm all ears :D

  3. Cheers for the comments.


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