Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Heresy Weekender 2014 - Part 3

Final part of the weekend pictorial coverage from me. While parts 1 and 2 covered new releases, upcoming and WIP models this one covers everything else...

Display Boards -

Battle of Paramor:

Battle of Phall:

The hole is from the Kharybdis latched onto the outside,
for some reason I forgot to take a picture of it.

Painting Competition:

This Sicarian was the winner. I felt quite smug by predicting it would win from the very start...

Our very own Nife decided to throw his lot in with a Sons of Horus Contemptor Dreadnought, here it is in the cabinet...

And here is a better pic I took of it:

I took more than one however so head over to his blog to get the full treatment.

The Obligatory What I Bought At The Show Bit:

Well I bought...

That's a Mechnicum hoodie, some show only figs (the Navigator I bought will arrive in the post, if it can find it's way), the two Limited Edition books they had and of course Mortarion.

And even though Fallen Angels was one of the most disappointing books in the series I still picked up the poster, it'll join the Legion and Mechanicum ones I have up in the spare/hobby room.

The Last Bit.

Last thing to show are a few pics from the couple of games we got in after the Weekender was put to bed. I admit to not bothering to grab any pictures at all but Maelstrom did snap some so thanks to him we have these...

If only I had brought some battle cannon.

Nurglings before they ate the Scorpions.

Aspect Warriors always seem to be hiding i trees.

The Decimator playing King of the Hill.

I think that is enough for this year.


  1. Thanks for great coverage of the event and decent quality photos

  2. Stunning pictures - thanks so much for sharing 'em!

  3. No worries, cheers for the comments.

  4. Really impressed by the photos. You even managed to capture things others completely ignored. Thanks!


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