Sunday, 11 May 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - 3x3

So a month ago (on 8th April) Recalcitrant Daze became three years old.

Recently it also passed 300 followers.

And in the past week it passed 300,000 page views.

I have to say when I started RD and put that first post up on the 8th of April, 2011 I was unsure it it would be around after three months, let alone hit three years, gain over 300 followers and get anywhere near 300,000 page views.

So to mark this point I could do a big review of the last three years and then say what will be coming in the years to come.

However that would be quite a big job and I haven't got the time, so instead below we have the first post I did on RD, it seems appropriate and still very much relevant...

- adjective
1. resisting authority or control; not obediant or compliant; refractory.
2. hard to deal with, manage, or operate.
- noun
3. a recalcitrant person.

- noun
1. a dazed condition; state of bemusement.

“A journey without direction, a journey without end.”

This is the third incarnation of ‘Recalcitrant Daze’; it was first birthed on Warseer, before later moving to the Ammobunker. After living on forums for a number of years I thought it was time it had a life of its own, to strike out and stand on its own two feet.

As the sub title above suggests, this creature known as Recalcitrant Daze has no real plan, it goes where it desires and dabbles as it wills. There will never be a great scheme to which it adheres or a map for it to follow; it will simply jump from one thing to another on an endless search for something it doesn’t know it is looking for.

I have been doing this hobby for what seems an entire life. Since Heroquest and White Dwarf issue 124 hooked me into the genre I have been trapped in its gravity, occasionally trying to break out but never quite making it.

My time is mainly spent with building things. Occasionally I paint, but not often, this is a hobby so why spend time doing something I don’t enjoy? I have more projects and more ideas than is sane and no where near enough time or space for them all to come to fruition. While it is nice to truly finish a project I’m not so fussed that is bothers me if I don’t, if the journey takes me onto a new path then I am happy to walk down it.

So here I am, witnessing a new birth of Recalcitrant Daze. Less painful and bloody than giving birth to a child for certain but I may still come to resent the amount of time and money it takes up when it never shows a glimmer of gratitude or thanks.

The journey continues.


- noun
1. a fixed or unnatural grin or grimace, as in horror or death.


  1. If you keep doing what you do I'm sure you will hit the 400+ subscribers. Looking at and reading about your Ork builds has kept me in the Hobby, started converting my own stuff but even though it's nowhere near your level of skill I found I'm learning with each build that I do. That's all down to you and your site. Keep the builds coming, looking forward to the future.

    1. Very nice of you to say.

      And keep with the Looting, the best way to learn and improve is just to keep on lootin'.

      I'm sure there will be some more Orks bits arriving on RD soon, especially with the rumours of an Ork Codex round the corner.

  2. Congrats! Keep up the great work dude!

  3. Happy (blog) birthday, man! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading along for the last three years and look forward to many more - keep up the great work!

  4. Congratulation on all three counts. Always a pleasure to see new stuff on your blog, keep up the good work.

  5. Cheers to three more years (at least)!

  6. 3, it's a magic number. O yes it is.

  7. Thanks for all of the comments, it is much appreciated.

    Here goes for the next three years.

  8. Congratulations to all 3!
    Made me giggle at some of the similarities I found in your post there.
    I used to spend a lot of time on forums but retreated from them after a time.

    My blog: Meandering Shade.
    Wandering aimlessly from place to place and lurking around things that interest me like some sort of hobby spectre.

    Got into the hobby in the late 80's, with Heroquest, my first White Dwarf issue 123.

    Here's to the next 3 years :)


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