Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wound / Hull Markers 2

Just a quick one tonight, and probably the last post till the Heresy Weekender posts I shall be putting up.

For the game of 40k I'll be having after the Weekender I wanted to get the Wound / Hull Marker counters finished so I wouldn't have to deal with the usual hassle of muggled dice etc.

I think that lot should be enough to cover any lost wounds or hull points.

Now I admit the paint jobs were somewhat rushed but frankly they are fine for tokens and the light colour stands out nicely from the Realm of Battle board with the red studs clearly visible.

Just need to finish the last few and I'll be set.


  1. pretty cool. if you put magnets on the backs of them you could keep them on the fridge :P

  2. They look good mate, they'd work as dark Eldar pain tokens too.

  3. They look great, where did you found them?

    1. Agree! Simple and look good. Would like to know where you sourced them as well!

    2. another vote for you to share your source!

    3. Well the source for the skulls was mentioned in Part 1...Blood and Skulls Industry, you can find the ebay listing for them here...

      The ball bearings for the studs were also found on ebay.


  4. Very cool - quite a nifty little idea.

    And the paint job is fine for the function they fulfill and better than those horrible green plastic tokens GW put out a while back.

  5. Cheers everyone for the comments.

  6. Replies
    1. Cheers. They worked well in the game, thinking of using them sans studs for markers as well.


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