Sunday, 8 January 2012

Recalcitrant Daze – Nine Months and 100 Followers...

You know I never really set out to do a monthly general post when I started the blog, I just sort of fell into it and now after doing one every month since I started I’m not sure I can stop.

Anyway, what has the last month of RD brought?

Well I finished the Plague Fleet for BFG. My first completed force in any game system. Ever. After doing this hobby for over 20 years it was looking like it may never happen.

The Lootin’ article went up on Bell of Lost Souls and the three subject vehicles have been sold via eBay.

Alas not much else hobby wise has occurred. Christmas break turned out to have little free time for cuttin’ n gluin’ though I did get a game of 40k in which was nice.

I do want to put out thanks to all those who are following Recalcitrant Daze. In the week I hit 100 followers, I never expected to hit that many after only nine months. In no small part is this due to Ron and FTW for his excellent Blog Roll which got things really started for RD, joining the BoLS network and them letting me do articles for them also gave RD a huge boost in people visiting. Likewise my blog popping up on Dave Taylors blog roll also had a huge impact on the number dropping by. So thanks to all of them for giving me such welcome boosts.

A big thanks to those followers who have taken the time to contribute by posting comments. Getting feedback is always a good motivation to keep going on a project and the suggestions and ideas people suggest are always taken on board.
That’s the pleasantries taken care of I can move onto what is coming up in the next month.

  1. More Looted Wagons (as seen in the previous post) – at this rate people will be avoiding RD as every post seems to be about Looted Wagons of late. I promise these will (almost certainly) be the last Looted Wagons for a while. It should also be a quick project to get through so bear with me.
  2. The 3D models for the defensive wall pieces and Vet backpacks have been sent to Shapeways and they have started production. The pieces should be with me in a week or two. As such I will be able to try out producing some moulds and casting some pieces shortly.
  3. Painting. I am going to paint something. Or at least paint a bit of something. Namely the Deffstrike. After making progress with the Rokkit I want to get on with the Launch vehicle and the Grot Krew.
  4. More painting. Namely the Hell Blades, i've done nothing to them since the last update. This needs to be remedied.
  5. MWC – After being asked to write some articles for them my Intro piece went up yesterday.. My first proper article will not be far behind (nothing big, just a simple one to ease everyone in…).
That is all I am going to commit to at the moment as these lists never stand up for long. Hell I have usually changed my mind by the time I finish writing them.

On another nore I am considering this as the next tattoo.

...ah, childhood memories.


  1. Congrats! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and watching all the awesome conversions come together - keep up the great work!

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